AI: The next chapter

Get ready for the second instalment of Human Made’s AI event series. 

This time we’re going deeper: highlighting the latest real-world developments in AI, WordPress and content publishing, as well as taking time to zoom out and explore the wider societal, ethical, and technological changes brought about by the rapid advance of AI.


Group 2-4



Online Event 18 January 2024 - 2pm GMT/9am ET

Hear from the global brands doing incredible things with WordPress

WordPress delivers amazing results at scale. It’s incredibly performant, flexible, and secure – that’s why brands such as The Times, Google, and PMC rely on it to power their businesses. Join leading agencies Human Made and Big Bite as we chat with the experts who brought these companies' projects to life with WordPress.

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Over the course of 6 sessions, we’ll be sharing the stories behind these amazing projects. Expect case studies, deep dives, and behind-the-scenes access on topics such as security, performance, editorial optimisation, AI, and how open source is making a difference in the enterprise setting.

Confirmed speakers


Brian Alvey

CTO, WordPress VIP


Nicola Catton

Vice President of Product Delivery, PMC

Siobhan McKeown

Siobhan McKeown

COO, Human Made


Lisa McCann

Head of Project Management, Big Bite


Iain McPherson

CEO, Big Bite


Petya Raykovska

Director of Agency Operations, Human Made


Luke Sikkema

Newsroom Product Editor, The Times


Adam Silverstein

Developer Relations Engineer, Google


Aaron Baker

Senior Associate Director, Content Strategy, Harvard University Public Affairs and Communications

Event agenda

  1. 3:00 PM

    Welcome to Enterprise WordPress Online

    Petya Raykovska

    Host Petya Raykovska will welcome you to the Enterprise WordPress Online Event

  2. 3:10 PM

    The State of Enterprise WordPress Report: What the Numbers Tell Us

    Siobhan McKeown, Iain McPherson

    In 2023, over 100 enterprise brands across the world were surveyed to find out how large-scale businesses are currently leveraging WordPress for their business needs. Join this first session to learn the biggest highlights of the report from Siobhan McKeown and Iain McPherson.

  3. 3:50 PM

    Leveraging the WordPress Editorial Experience

    Luke Sikkema, Lisa McCann

    A few weeks ago News UK completed their latest transformation initiative, which sent them from 5% to 99% output on a new WordPress-based CMS. Challenges were overcome, skeptics proven wrong. Join Luke Sikkema and Lisa McCann to learn how it all happened.

  4. 4:30 PM

    Enterprise Tech Team Structure: Calming the Chaos

    Nicola Catton

    In this session, PMC's VP of Product Delivery will talk about how team structure and input processes have been used to help manage the broad variety of requests that come into the centralised tech team.

  5. 5:10 PM

    Google, Chrome and WordPress. Why Enterprise Matters

    Adam Silverstein

    Discover how to tune Google into your WordPress Enterprise projects from Google Developer Relations Engineer Adam Silverstein.

  6. 5:50 PM

    WordPress VIP

    Brian Alvey

    WordPress VIP is a high-end hosting, support, and consulting service specifically tailored for large-scale, high-traffic WordPress websites, offering premium features, robust security, and expert technical guidance. Hear from Brian Alvey, the company's CTO, in this session.


  7. 6:30 PM

    WordPress in Higher Education: How Harvard University Public Affairs utilise the platform

    Aaron Baker

    We're talking to Aaron Baker, Senior Associate Director Content Strategy at Harvard University. Aaron is the product owner of the recent redesign of the Harvard Gazette and has been using WordPress for Enterprise in HigherEd since 2005.


  8. 7:10 PM

    WordPress for Enterprise 
Online Takeaways

    Petya Raykovska

    In this closing session, host Petya Raykovska will take you through some of the most important takeaways of the event.

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